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Our house cat went walkabout Tuesday morning in Upper Chula Vista. He is neutered, very friendly, shy and this is his first experience of being loose in this area. He is basicly grey with  wide black stripes on back and tail. Would appreciate any information if anyone has seen this cat. chasmx97@gmail.com, Please

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Follow the directions on finding lost pets at top of this section to the letter.  Put up posters at your house and each end of your block.  Biggest word on poster RECOMPENSA (Reward).  Kids and everyone else on foot will be on the lookout.  Describe as well as you can.  Photo is better.  Mexicans will NOT phone you.  Put your street address..... they'll come right to the door. (Watch yourself here......)

Go out after dark, taking a  small noisy container of kibble or treats.  Stand still. Shake container. Call the cat. LISTEN.  Move on a little and repeat. Know that  indoor cats are more likely to be closer to home than outdoor cats.  Take a powerful flashlight and check every single nook and cranny both inside and outside your yard.  You would be amazed where cats have been found.

IF your cat used to go outside in a different area here, better head over there..... he may be trying to find his way "home". Alerting residents of that property would be good. A poster on that door ( if they will) would be better.

Pas and claws crossed for safe return.

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Find your kitty?  DO NOT give up.  Many years ago a cat escaped from where it was being boarded, and it took ONE MONTH for dedicated owners to try and find him..... and they DID!!!!!

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