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Requirements for renting without a fiador

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I'd say that they're probably different in Guadalajara. I've rented in San Miguel de Allende, in Bucerias and San Pancho and Lakeside and have never been asked for a fiador.

Nobody buys a house in U.S. dollars. They are converted to peso value at closing and recorded on the deed in pesos. The U.S. dollar value of a house is for comparative purposes only and, imho, shouldn

I thought he (Biden) was only going after the dirty rich and nasty corporations who are not paying their "fair share"!!! 

1 hour ago, CHILLIN said:

Pretty smug until you realise you are a mature, well balanced woman, fully bi lingual EMT, and were employed by a well known local Doctor. Of course they are going to rent their choice casita. Next guy who comes along, who just fell off the turnip truck, will get no such opportunity.

🤣 You have me confused with someone else. I can sometimes act mature and fake being well balanced most of the time but speak only toddler Spanish and have no medical background. Well, I once had an EMT as a roommate but was never employed in the medical field either here or in the U.S. I think you are thinking of Trailrunner who no longer posts here.

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Generally speaking. We have a Handyman and helper who are desparate for a rental before August. She is a school teacher starting in the public high school in Chapala. He is a busy handymman previously based in Jojotepec. They have two well behaved teenage children. They  are having one helluva a time finding a three bedroom rental in Chapala. Any tips appreciated.

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7 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

too many white foreigners?    As opposed to white Mexicans?  In my family all are "white" 

Do you mean güeros?  Never heard light skinned Mexicans called "blancos", (and I got a lot of them).  Some prietos too.

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It looks like it's necessary to create a post in order to turn off the Follow topic option? Here's hoping it works. 

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