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Dear Friends

Sunday there will be a Kermesse on the Ajijic Malecon from 1 to 6p.m.
This is a traditional mexican fund raiser for a specific purpose; in this case the Free Dental Program which does dentures, braces and surgeries unavailable to the poor.
There will be live music throughout including a Ballet Folklorio, Mariachi and request singer musician for dancing.
The Traditional Mexican Menu will include Pazole, fried taquitos, sopes, and pork birria with beans and rice.
Aguas frescas, and cakes will be available for dessert
The cash bar will have beer, wines, margaritas and of course tequila. All sanitary procedures will be observed.
The doctor and served patients will be there to greet.
If you can't come out dollar donations for the program can be sent to ms1cb@yahoo.com (dollars to a friend to avoid charges) or pesos dropped off at Manix restaurant #57 Ocampo , Ajijic 331 0650725. Mark donations for dental program. Please share this post !
Your friend, Hector Espana
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