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Raw Vibrance Dog Food Base Mix : Feed Raw without the prep!

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Ajijic - I have two bags of Raw Vibrance at less than 1/3 of the going price. 400 pesos each. Normally goes for 80 USD. Why so low: It's a shame to waste food. I would donate, but shelters wouldn't have the funds to do raw if donated. This is a base mix dog food that eliminates the prep work involved in making fresh, health and safe home -prepared Raw meals. Simply mix with meat and oil for a balanced homemade meal. You can also add a small amount of this to the pre-made raw dog foods sold lakeside/organic market, if you would like to have a greater amount of veggies to that meat combo.
I am taking two bags out of my deep freeze. This is a shelf stable item, but I store the majority of my supply in the deep freeze, as I have come back from the US with quite an inventory. During Covid crisis; I calculated that I only need a certain amount to my next NOB visit & require more human freezer space now. I certainly won't be bringing this back north as do not have car enough car space as it stands.
If you are a raw feeder, you can go back and forth between this and cutting up your veggies. It is like taking a vacation week from veggie prep, without your dog paying the price for that break in work.
Here is the link to the product: Here is the link to the product: https://www.pandfpet.shop/dr-harveys-raw-vibrance-premix-6-lb.html?source=googlebase  


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Sold / have one more brand in my deep freeze, that I would let go.   PM me if interested.  Same as the first in that it makes doing raw easy, no sourcing/cutting/chopping veggies and guaranteed human grade from sources that are not saturated with pesticides.  That was the only misgiving on using area veggies is the spraying here in Mex.  So this takes that worry away.

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