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No longer working on PCs for a variety of reasons.

TV, sound card, 3 SCSI controllers /w interior cables, terminators and HDD adapters, even the user manual.

3 modems, various cables, DDR2 laptop memory, Palm charger, Satellite beeper, writing tablet, Firewire card and cable, PCMCIA cards

Prefer to give the whole box away at once but If there is something you are looking for feel free to contact me here IF you know what you need. 

I won't research if what I have will work with your PC BUT most accessories will work with most machines.

I also have a small quantity of various items which I will donate to a worthy cause or sell to an unworthy one. :-)

Photos attached

Give away.jpg

Donate or sell.jpg

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Have hammer will travel A.C. needs computers to help build out our computer aided design classroom CAD. Teaching boys and girls CAD some part and cables will be helpful. Are shop is next to S&S auto in riber as. Can pick them or drop them off. Thank you for helping the kids.home phone shop phone 3767664830 open 10am Mon to Friday  Wayne www.havehammer.org                   if anyone has good older used laptops that our students can we need 3 laptops for students to learn tinkercad. Need monitors to use with laptop or no so smart tv to us as monitor. Tv can have vga or HDMI connection.


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