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Cansino one shot vaccine


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I know we're all tired of the Coronavirus. The first rollout was for Sinovac... some of us got it and some of us were unable to get it. Two shots.
The newest kid on the block is the Cansino Vaccine. One shot. Being packaged in Queretaro and even AMLO has promised to take this one. Hang in there!

The photo below is from this past weekend's Guadalajara Reporter. Here is more information on it: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-08/pakistan-says-cansino-s-covid-vaccine-shows-65-7-efficacy


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Do you know which drug company made the flu vaccine you received? Were you given a choice?

All influenza vaccines contain antigen derived from the same influenza viruses, with the one difference being that trivalent vaccines have 3 different antigens and quadrivalent vaccines have four different antigens (the same three that are in the trivalent vaccines, plus one more). However, aside from the antigen composition, different influenza vaccines are manufactured differently and different preparations have different indications as licensed by the FDA. In particular, each is licensed for a specific age range. 

For the United States there are three different influenza vaccine production technologies approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

egg-based flu vaccine,   cell-based flu vaccine, and  recombinant flu vaccine.



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