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57 minutes ago, Al Berca said:

If you are referring to the one that was across the side street from the bus station, the owner passed away and it is closed.

The one that used to be in the south end of the mercado is long gone too. There is one in La Floresta who I  have used and posted about.  Contact can be found in archives or phonebook.

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I believe the original poster was asking for commendations for someone in Chapala. But if you don't mind driving West to Ajijic, I too would highly recommend Daniel Jackson.

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Upstairs. Go around the papeleria and face west... door with doorbell on your right that will take you upstairs if you have an appointment and/or are granted access. Best to call ahead because sometimes Daniel isn't there.

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On 5/4/2021 at 12:29 PM, RA_John said:

I'm familar with the papeleria at 29 Hidalgo (north west corner of Juarez)

Where is 29A ?

Upstairs. There is even an entrance from the papelaria

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