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Testing for COVID at Trailer on Soriana, Chapala Parking Lot.

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Because we shall be flying to the USA shortly, I went to check out the satellite Lab on the Soriana  parking lot 

Open Mon-Fri. 8am-4pm.  Sat8am-1pm


COVID antigenos 489 pesos. Results 15-90 minutes 

COVID anticuerpos 489 pesos. Results 15-90 minutes 

COVID RT -PCR 2,990 pesos.  Results  24-72 hours

You need to pay before hand in Soriana. Lots of free parking space and no lines when I was there

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FYI, there are no more Covid tests being performed in the Soriana parking lot in Chapala. A sign says suspended until further notice.

Chopo in Riberas also says they don't do tests anymore even though the place is filled with signs touting all choices. 

Our friends walked from Chopo to Go Lab and got the test for $900 pesos. There were also people at the Ajijic Clinic between 11 and 12 getting a test. Same price.

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I'm sorry to read that but not too surprised. Every time we drove by, there was someone there, but no one using the services. I hope it's just a one-off glitch, or maybe a regroup/think on the hours, and that they reopen. FWIW, the testing at Clinica Ajijic is very well organized and you don't wait long, even with a line.

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Yikes! I'm not sure what to think. I just called Soriana and asked to be transferred to the Pharmacy. I spoke with a lady there who said the testing is open today until 4:30 pm. She went on to say that if I want the results today, I need to be tested before 1 pm. If tested between 1 pm-4:30pm, the results will be sent tomorrow.

I hope when I arrive later this morning they are actually open.

Val :)

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Yes, I arrived today/Friday, July 16th at 11:45 am. I paid inside at the Pharmacy and went to the little trailer in the parking lot. They were open and did my test. I received the results in an hour and 45 minutes via email. Still the same low price of $480 something pesos.  :)

Safe travels,

Val. :)

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