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An open post to the Administrator and Moderators on this Webboard

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I was reading the post, Traffic conditions at Lakeside, and came across people mentioning about the moderator with other ids. 

As a Moderator or Administrator, please reveal publicly what other ids you’re using.

FireShot Capture 130 - Staff Directory - Chapala.com Webboard - www.chapala.com.png

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Chapala is David Tingen of Chapala Real Estate, the owners of this board.

Mod 2 is me, Mainecoons, Dan Houck

Mod 5 is Pete Johansen, posts under "Johansen."

Three and Four are inactive.

classified are staff of the Ojo.  They only deal with the classified section and coordinate it with the print classified of the Ojo.

This board is set up with Mods separate from members and a Mod can chose to be both.  I believe the mods on TOB go under their actual or member names.  

Now I'm going to put on Mod 2 hat and close this thread since your question has been answered.  If you have other questions about board moderation please address them to me, Mod 5 or Admin Chapala.  Further questions of this type please address to any or all of us via PM.  Thanks.

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