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Charlottes on libreimento SAT update

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As I mentioned in my last post went to try Noona's in Ajijic but apparently now gone! So I went to one of my long time favorites, Charlottes and hoped to see my old friend Lori, the original co-owner with her recently murdered husband Carlos. Was told that she had sold the restaurant but that the menu was the same and so it looked along with the specials board in chalk. I was glad to see that the place was full (though appropriately spaced) with mostly Tapatios which is a good sign. At  the top of the specials board was Chilies Nogales, one of my favorites there so I ordered it and held my breath....exactly the same!!! Great green chilie, full of the same minced meat, spices and nuts, covered with the delicious white sauce. Also includes a great fresh salad with avocado and separate container of dressing. A great bargain at $160. Glad to see some things remain the same...especially after the tragedy there.  

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1 hour ago, Mainecoons said:

Pizza still good?  Plan on ordering there on Friday.


Haven't had that lately. Near the beginning of the pandemic, I called in and ordered one to go. As I waited I noticed that it came from the kitchen and asked if it had been cooked in the stone/brick oven and did not get a straight answer. It was good but seemed a little off from those that I knew came from the wood burning pizza oven on the patio. I would call first to make sure that this is the case since there is a difference.  

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