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I remember being in a bank in Pochutla, Oaxaca back about 50 years ago to change some traveler's cheques (remember those?). There weren't even any teller windows, just a long counter. I was the only customer in the bank and there were 3 bank employees behind the counter, standing or sitting about 4 feet apart. I had to go to the first guy, where he authorized something and handed me back the paper, then move 4 ft down the counter to hand it to the next person, who stamped something, handed it back, where I again walked two steps and handed it to the 3rd person. It was hilarious.



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Too funny! I'm out of emoticons. Well, that kind of bureaucracy hasn't changed much. There's a job for everyone and the more the merrier. Just be grateful that copy machines hadn't been invented yet. ;)

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