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Chinese Vaccine Delayed in Mexico Due to Lack of Paperwork

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Published on Thursday, March 4, 2021

A shipment of 800,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses that arrived last Saturday has not been used and remains in storage because it was not accompanied by the necessary paperwork to certify the quality of the shots.

Ruy López, director of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control Programs, said Sunday that the government was waiting for the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac to deliver documentation of the analytical tests that confirm the quality of the doses.

He said the documents were expected to arrive this week and that as soon as they do the vaccines will be released from storage and distributed across the country. As of Thursday morning, that had not happened.

Gilberto Castañeda, a pharmacology researcher at the National Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Research and Advanced Studies, told the newspaper Reforma that failing to send the analytical test results with the vaccine doses was a serious oversight.

“It’s strange that the product has arrived and that all the information that justifies its use hasn’t,” he said.

“They can’t release [the shipment] until the analytical tests arrive, … it’s just a sheet of paper,” Castañeda said.

According to the Health Ministry, the 800,000 Sinovac shots will be used to inoculate seniors in 623 rural municipalities across the country. Health Minister Jorge Alcocer expressed confidence that they would be distributed this weekend.

The government announced on February 10 that health regulator Cofepris had granted emergency use authorization to the two-shot Sinovac vaccine, which has been shown to have an efficacy rate of just over 50%.

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