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I took a right out of the parking lot as you can drive down Calle libertad if you want to avoid the main road.  Please note they’ve made that one way heading south, there was a guy coming at me head on going the wrong way trying to go up the ramp. It’s going to take a bit for everyone to get used to the new system which looks kinda confusing at first glance.  Travel safely!  

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The lights in San Antonio are already tying traffic in that area up in knots and now they are adding another only a block west of the one at the Little Theater entrance road.  Doesn anyone remember they first had the two San Antonio lights a block apart and the result was gridlock?

All they needed to do there was prohibit left turns out of that east exit from Walmart and change the main intersection light to have a protected left for west bound turners into WalMart at that light.  And not put those stupid yellow bumpers up.  The logical entrance into and out of Walmart is the one in the middle unless you are headed east.

This is going to be a truly grand mess, just watch.  

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