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One Physician's Opinion regarding Covid


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1 hour ago, virgo lady said:

No one said it was automatically misleading.     Just that it IS misleading and false info.     And you have 2 spelling errors in 1 line BTW.      

He's like a dog with a bone!!!

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unfortunately I feel like I am caught up in an argument with myself, it is between herd immunity vs herd mentality, the fact is I hear a lot about the vaccines and other therapies regarding covid, all conflicting.

Truth is, I will eventually get the vaccine, not because I think it works, because, I simply don't know. But the reason I will get it is it will probably make travelling easier. As they as talking Immunity passports. Plus with cancel culture at its peak, I think anyone who refuses, will be shunned into oblivion.

So I have decided my best bet is to wait as long as I can and hope enough time has passed that the true nature of the vaccines will show its self. I think the old adage of " only fools rush in " might be apt on this one. 

But there is a lot of chatter on one therapy, Its called Ivermectin and has also a lot of controversy here in Mexico.


Anyone know anything about this? Fact or fiction?

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