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Repair of Ajijic's sidewalks

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It has always been stated that maintenance of sidewalks including to the center of one's street was the home owner's responsibility. Mayor Moy and Delegado Juan Ramon have extended an opportunity to get municipal help. Please see the article below from the Seminario Laguna





Banquet in front of Guadalajara Pharmacies, destroyed by the roots of the trees adjacent to it.

Sofia Medeles (Ajijic, Jal.) - The streets of the town of Ajijic not only suffer from potholes, but the sidewalks - both in the central area and on the periphery - are also severely deteriorated, according to a tour of LAGUNA through the picturesque town.

Pedestrians interviewed expressed the problems they face as they walked through them and made public their anger at the authorities' indifference to remedy the situation.

During the route of this medium, it was found that many of the sidewalks are affected - either with cracks, trees with invasive roots or with edges damaged by vehicular movement - besides that people preferred not to go through them, using the street, risking their integrity.


Banquet that the inhabitants defined as "neglected and narrow", on Hermenegildo Galeana street.

"They spend first on things they don't deal with, rather than fixing something that we all or almost all use every day, but since they're in a car, they don't even know about us pedestrians. I often pass through Galeana Street and before reaching the road and nowhere to walk, it is all ugly and very narrow. It is seen that their wear and tear is the cause of carelessness and unconscious cars hitting the sidewalks for irresponsible driving," said a neighbor on Galeana Street.

For his part, Ajijic's delegate, Juan Ramón Flores, stated that while there is no project as such for the rehabilitation of sidewalks, the Government of Chapala has supports for those reporting stool in poor condition, which is to put the hand of obra. "Who reports, would have to put the material, since the projectsare limited by the pandemic", said the interviewee.


Banquette in Independence, claim that it is damaged by the passage of cargo trucks.

The support has not been very well taken, such is the case of a native, who said, "Now it turns out that ducks throw at shotguns," alluding tothe unfairness of the deal, because that's why taxes are paid"and thosedon't forgive them,"he said.

For his part, the Municipal President, Moisés Alejandro Anaya Aguilar, said that there is already a pilot project that was carried out at Puerta del Horno, in Chapala, for the repair of sidewalks, in which - in the future - the delegation of Ajijic is considered, to solve the problem in pictures.

"In the past, they did not think for the long future and put poles and trees in the middle or on the edge of the sidewalks, so, to this day, it is a problem that has affected their infrastructure; However, we think about including Ajijic in a project that aims to solve this kind of problem," said Moses Anaya.

On the participatory budget, he comments that he is currently in detention, as the pandemic has affected a number of resources, however, reaffirmed the words of the delegate of Ajijic, ensuring that for the moment, the council's workforce is available whenever needed.


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Why there is not more City/Citizen partnership for getting "things" fixed is beyond my comprehension. It doesn't  take a brain surgeon to initiate  these deals just some "bright/intelligent" City Council Member to turn on his switch. There are plenty of "Gringos" willing to participate.......well I am

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  When they were originally going to repair the area around the plaza it was indicated that the power lines would be put underground and poles removed.  For those of you who were not here then, it was a hot mess for everyone for blocks surrounding the plaza from October to March of that year essentially ruining our high season.  There was no heads up for any of us although it had been discussed for years.  They dug out the streets about a meter deep to replace sewer lines and broke sidewalks creating an unsafe condition for anyone visiting the plaza. The noise, heavy machinery, dust was too much and we had to close our business and lost the season....no input from the citizens .  Everyone was protesting the replacement of the east-west streets being concreted between the stones instead of dirt to no avail.  The north-south streets needed it because that's where the rain runoff goes, but the others were needed the dirt to allow drainage.  Now it has standing water in the rainy season and daily from people washing their sidewalks.  They did make some handicapped ramps at the intersections around the plaza, but the crossings were still uneven.  If you've ever had to assist anyone in walking, the sidewalks and crossings are a hazard. And the poles that are so close on the sidewalk that you can't walk two abreast or use your umbrella.  I've also seen several people knocked to the ground by protruding CFE meters that are in a blind spot if you're wearing a brimmed hat....Those ficus trees break up and warp sidewalks, but what homeowner would remove them when the permits from Ecology are as much as 3500p!  

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7 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

Why there is not more City/Citizen partnership for getting "things" fixed is beyond my comprehension. It doesn't  take a brain surgeon to initiate  these deals just some "bright/intelligent" City Council Member to turn on his switch. There are plenty of "Gringos" willing to participate.......well I am

Yes but will the Mexicans, particularly the weekenders, participate?

IMO unless backed up by some sort of enforcement, the participation will be spotty at best.

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