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Does anyone know where i can get some potting soil locally or compost. Im on oxygen from covid. Can't get out much at all. My house mate tried Walmart and a nursery, with no luck. Bought soil once but it was just the same soil we had at home. I'd appreciate any responses. Thank you and have a good day. 

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21 minutes ago, Ferret said:

That's Riberas del Pilar not San Antonio. But, yes, they have the BEST potting soil and it's called Frogmix.

Could you please be more specific. The name of nursery or landmarks. I cant go, my housemate won't be happy if he goes to the wrong place. He is very high strung. I would really appreciate it. Thanks 

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That is terrible Hysopp, you are a newcomer here and you pickup covid.

It can take years to build up you soils. A beginners mistake is to pick too small or clay pots for seedlings. They can dry out within one day. Another mistake is planting too many varieties of seeds, especially if you are using low cost compost. It is full of weed seeds, they start growing and you get all mixed up. Even are very experienced gardener cannot always tell what is a flower, a weed, or a vegetable.

You might have to hire a gardener to get started. Our gardener has been through covid recently, but I am not clear if that gives him immunity. He does not speak English however. He has all his own tools and a small truck.

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