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That was written by Steve Brown our unfortunately moved away weather guy, yes?  How is Steve doing these days?  This is a great read, I'd forgotten about it so many thanks for putting it up.  The pictures are great!

That was when the GDL airport was charming and not such a madhouse.  One time we landed and walked out front and there was a dynamite Mariachi Band playing, my wife had to drag me off.

He and we came at around the same time.  Very much enjoyed that piece, brought back some great memories.  Tom's Bar, except for the smoke, was a great watering hole.  It really hasn't been replaced IMO.  Fortunately Nueva Posada is still here but no longer serving dinner, too bad it was one of our favorite places to eat out in the evening overlooking the lake.  La Tasca had some great music but the food was iffy.  Loved the sitting out there though.  It has been replaced with a faceless huge mansion, sad.

Loved going to the pier for drinks followed by dinner at Tango.  Seems with Roberto moving away, the pier closed up and now the Old Posada shut not many places to go on or very near the Malecon now.

Remember the Hole In The Wall?  Yummy and a screaming bargain, alas long gone.

Noting the comment about litter for sure there was a great deal less litter around town than there is now.  At least though we did knock down the graffiti.  The Tapatios hadn't returned en masse and we actually still had some municipal workers keeping things tidy.  Maybe Pueblo Magico will bring some of that help back too.

Enjoyed this immensely!



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