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Has increased to $3600p for our casa which is way more than double. Last year $1509. We are 2 people with only 2 bathrooms. We are not on a meter. I thought all this new infrastructure was being paid for by the state and feds and labour supplied by municipio at no extra cost to us. What the haitch are struggling people going to do??

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The meter has been nothing but problems..First we found out that the hitel down the street from us was stealing water and we were billed for it so they cut off the water before our meter rather than after so we were out of water and the hotel did not care because they made a deal with a gardner  who had a large yard that was not on meter so the water is stillbeing stolen but  I had to negociate to pay for that year. then the meter stopped working altogether and now a year later   they owe us money from the deposit from last year..I am going to ask them to pay  like we did before and forget the meter.. We ll see what happened but it has been nothing but trouble and we we got bill for a shirt time it was higher than if we did not have the meter.. Not worth the trouble and I believe that in the end it is mre expensive that the forfeit.  so far..

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