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Aren't You Glad We Live In Mexico?

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We are stuck in Oklahoma until my wife gets her vaccination shots, maybe late February.  Here in Oklahoma we are in the midst of a record Artic blast.  Temperatures have been below freezing for a week and are expected to stay this way for another week.  Monday we are expecting a foot of snow with a high of minus 5 F for the day.  I must break ice for cows to get water every day and baby calves are freezing when born from a freezing fog and ice covered ground.  Highways are froze over and travel is extremely dangerous.  Yes, I will be glad to get back to our paradise in Chapala.

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Yes, we are very glad to be living here!! Family up there in " The Frozen North" (Canada) keep asking for sunshine videos..😀. We all sure have alot to be greatful for inspire of these difficult Covid times. I can't imagine being locked down up there in the cold and dark days of winter.

Love my life!!!

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37 minutes ago, happyjillin said:

When the sun is out in winter it's damn cold in Alberta. I only wore shorts when it was a balmy -10 C to get my news paper.

"Balmy"  LOL.

You know that word has two definitions.


2: CRAZY, FOOLISHthe country has gone slightly balmy— G. A. Parks



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