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LCS classes are not first come first serve, they are first payed first served. 


To sign up, make sure your membership is current and covers the duration of this course. 


Registration requires payment. 

There is no refund. 


Explorations in Mexican Ceramics

-        Shaping the Soul of Your Dreams in Clay


Exploraciones en Cerámica Mexicana

-        Modelando el Alma de Tus Sueños en Barro


Dates and time:

Saturday, March 20, 2021 - 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday, March 27, 2021  -11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sunday, March 28, 2021  -11:00 am to 3:00 pm



This is a three-session workshop.


Fee:  $1,200  LCS Members, $1,470 Non-members


Guided by the hands of diverse gran maestros, we will introduce you to the centuries-old traditions of Mexican ceramics.

This first workshop will feature Xun Pedro López López, a young artist from Amatenango del Valle, a small village in  Chiapas in southern Mexico.  Xun, whose work is sold internationally, specializes in hand-built sculptures that are wood-fired and you will learn to create the jaguars and iguanas frequently appearing in his art.  Over two days, you will see examples of Xun’s work, hear about techniques learned from his mother and grandmother, watch him demonstrate the making of one or two works, and then have a chance to create your own simple interpretations under his hands-on tutelage.  During the second and third sessions you will finish decorating your bone-dry pieces and then we will adjourn to an off-campus location, build the fire, and complete the process. While the kiln does its magic, we will enjoy tamales and further discussion of Mexican indigenous artisan traditions. 


The hand building technique we will use for our own work is simple and NO previous pottery or artistic experience is necessary.  Explorations in Mexican Ceramics is a presentation of LCS and Mudlarks Pottery under the guidance of Jennifer Johnson, a professional potter who has taught ceramics for 30+ years in the US and here in Ajijic for the last three years.


The first session is located on the LCS campus; the second starts at Mudlarks’ studios at LCS then moves to a location near Seis Esquinas.  Both sessions begin at 11:00 am and conclude around 3:00 pm.


Your fee includes:

·       All lectures, demonstrations, and instruction

·       All ceramics materials and finishing

·       Wood firing at the second session

·       Tamales and lemonade

·       Glossary of ceramic terms in English and Spanish

·       The excitement of seeing your finished creation emerge from the wood fire

·       Fun and companionship in clay


This workshop is limited to 10 participants in order to ensure everyone has personalized attention and to comply with COVID precautions.  A minimum of six participants is required.  

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