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Mostly Lost was right on in his comments about government actions. There is no logic in letting Home Depot open but a small business closed. Or a church being only allowed to have 10 people regardless of how large the church is. Here in S Carolina, businesses have been open for months now. Yes, people were masks and socially distance. Stats here are little different from states that are completely locked down. I recently read something that said there is 1.3% chance of getting the virus in a restaurant with table spacing and an 87% chance of getting it in a multi-generational residence. 

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Yes, of course. And you can add Colorado to that list of closing restaurants. But I'm recalling that that was 'only' for a short timeframe and pressure and the economics of it all resulted in the move to "open, with limited capacity, masks and social distancing'.  My point really is, 'tho,  I doubt that there are any reliable data comparing 'that small period of time' to any other timeframe.  

And IF the statistic of 87% is accurate, then Mexico is doomed before it starts, no? No way to dig oneself out of THAT hole. 



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