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Puerto Vallarta News--Covid Vaccine

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Just now, Floradude said:

There is an article in the Puerto Vallarta News that says the Covid vaccine will likely not be available to the Government of Jalisco until the end of the year.

I was not able to copy the article or I would have posted it here.

The government of Jalisco announced that any independent purchases by the state probably would not take place before the end of the year  because of the limited supply that has not already been committed .

NOTE; This has no effect on the national distribution program of the Federal government

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Actually phase 3 trials are carried out in many different countries for each vaccine candidate.  The studies are done by independent trial researchers and reported to the companies as well as reported to the WHO, CDC, and other interested organizations. 

So while China could lie about trials carried out in China, it would be extremely difficult to censor trial information from other countries.  Thus you are seeing results reported in Brazil on one Chinese vaccine with poor results. 

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"We" have become accustomed, after Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines tested out around 95% effective, to saying that other vaccines that test out 'much' lower are 'bad'. This in not exactly correct. Not 95% but surely not bad. In the past I don't think that there has 'ever' been a vaccine that reached 95%.  Common flu vaccines don't approach that.  

Also I have heard, but have no actual data, that while the 'other' vaccines are less effective, if one gets that shot and does get Covid it will be a mild case. In their trials if one, getting the real vaccine and not a placebo, did get the virus none had to go to a hospital and surely no one died.  

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