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Current Jalisco Restrictions EXTENDED to February 12th

Bisbee Gal

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馃敶 | Medidas de restricci贸n se prolongan hasta el 12 de febrero

La Mesa de Salud determin贸 hoy que las medidas actuales de contenci贸n de la pandemia de Covid-19 en #Jalisco, se prolongan hasta el 12 de febrero. As铆 lo anunci贸 el Gobernador del Estado, Enrique Alfaro Ram铆rez.
馃敶 Restriction measures extend until February 12

The Health Panel today determined that the current Covid-19 pandemic containment measures in #Jalisco extend until February 12 This was announced by the State Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramirez.

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Social and family activity will be restricted, people over 60 should stay at home and individual responsibility will be key:

Activities with Partial Restriction
Self-service and department stores ("only 1 person"聽 can enter no families or couples ) without seniors or minors
Commercial spaces without common areas and 25% restricted parking
The restaurants with their capacity at 50%, and until 10 pm
Tianguis and commercial corridors with access restricted to 1 person without minors or older adults
Beaches with hours from 5 am to 3 pm

Activities that can operate normally
Economic, industrial, commercial and service.

Public transport
Health sector
Basic public services
Public and private security
Energy, fuels and distribution
Banking, insurance and notaries
The entire industry and its logistics operation
Hotels (without common areas)
Public markets and neighborhood commerce
Preschools and daycare

Activities that will be kept closed
Those that generate accumulation of people, as well as all recreational and recreational activities.

Public spaces are closed (open or closed)
Corporate offices and professional services
Government offices, with the exception of windows for customer service.
Bars, clubs and rooms for social events (open or closed)
Gyms and sports clubs
Cultural and entertainment activities
Recreational Activities, Cinemas, Theaters and Casinos
Recreational route
Zoo and Aquarium
Churches and places of worship (open without celebrations)
Social events
Family meetings
All squares and municipal public spaces are closed
No return to face-to-face classes until further notice

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10 minutes ago, Mitch said:

Has Chapala issued聽 additional Covid restrictions in addition to Jalisco's restrictions ?聽

No.聽 Moy issued statement yesterday quoting Alfaro's聽Jalisco's extension.聽 He didn't add any local restrictions last go-round, so not expecting any changes/additions during this extension.聽聽

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5 minutes ago, Upfront said:

that is simply because others in the hous keep going out and out and out. contracting it and then coming home. if nobody went out then nobodfy at home would get it

That is correct, hence imprisoning them in their homes is about as dumb as it gets.聽 Of course people are going in and out, believe it or not there are people here who have to make a living to survive.

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All the same, they just added to be allowed to give out free government stuff.聽 I posted on Alfaros Twitter account that people over 60 are denied entry to buy food and he needs to change that.聽 Mexicans should remember the poorly written decrees at election time, foreigners need to push their consulates to act so foreigners do not starve to death and urge聽the Governor to rewrite the restrictions making an exemption to enter to buy food and medicines.

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20 minutes ago, Upfront said:

yes of course you can. but no way i am going into a walmart here on a saturday. and there are a ton of chain corner stores between me and walmart anysay and 7-11 has the same restrictions. i can even pay at the tlemex machine if i want to but my question wasnt WHERE. so if anyone is over 60 and has actually been to an oxxo please let聽 me know. and of course i can go there myself. i was simply asking

Just after the original restriction, I went by Oxxo in Ajijic Centro.聽 There was a chain across the open door with a sign, "no hijos, ni聽adultos mayores de聽60 anos."聽 There were no customers聽inside, so I tried to get cashier's attention to see if I could stay on the sidewalk and have her bring me a few cokes (had workers at the house).聽 Never got cashier's attention, but a young man (an Oxxo worker)聽sitting across the street (in the shade) came over and undid the chain and said, 'pase.'聽

He didn't ask my age; I grabbed a few cokes and was out in under聽a minute.聽聽

I rarely shop at any Oxxo, so not sure what their usual procedure is.聽 This was on Jan. 19th.聽聽

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Luckily at lakeside the stores are a bit lax when it comes to following government rules.

For my family in GDL it has been a hardship.聽 There in inspectors in GDL that routinely close restaurants and stores for violations.聽

So, like most seniors in GDL, my family members聽rely聽on their children to shop for them.聽聽

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I was refusedentry to walmart yesterday but my neighbor who is older than me was allowed in.. who knows what they are doing.. I am going to go outand get foos and medecine.. I do not care what they say, I wear a mask keep distances and I am going to go out.. Not spending my life聽 at home at my age.. As long as I can physically go outI will go out..

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