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She is our vet , I have 4 dogs so I know how they work. I went by tuesday to buy medecine at 3. it was closed no one answered the phone, went yesterday at 1 , it was closed, no one answered the phone, called Berenice on her cell phone, the mailbox was full and people who had appointments were waiting and left. I went today at noon and there was a signed saying today we will be closed..  I need medecine for one of my dog so I went  by 3 times but  it is not normal for them to do that.

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Found this post - "Dr. Berenice from Pet Place Veterinary Clinic has asked me to post this information to all of her clients. PLEASE do NOT go there without an appointment.

Due to the new covid restrictions please be advised that we will only accept patients by appointment only (radicalcher@hotmail) for medical or grooming. This includes stool and blood testing. You can email the office (radicalcher@hotmail) or call before coming in for food or medications so that we can be sure that we have it. The cost for any items will be given to you prior to your arrival and your purchase will be ready for you. We cannot have a group of people in front of the office due to the new rules. This is for your safety as well as for ours. We are in the process of getting our phone system updated and will have the new numbers in the very near future. We will do our best to make this as easy as possible for all. We appreciate your help and understanding. Stay safe.
New cell number: 3329403148"
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People who were waiting with me had appointment sWidesky. I have been here 20 years, have dealt with Berenice since she was a student at the Ladron.. I know how things work in  Mexico.. The eye specialist I saw at her place told me to return for medecine, the people there had appointment so and this happened 3 days in a row.. ¿..As I said I have 4 dogs and know how they operate and there was something off, The third day they posted something saying we will be closed today with no other explaining awhy they were closed or if they would reopen so that is wht I posted the question.

Thanks Jyc , that is good to know,I ll try again today..

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