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How covid is transmitted: Data from NY

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It stands to reason that contagious diseases are the most likely to be transferred between the people in one's household, that's just common sense.

As far as the rest goes, this is data from NY, which wouldn't necessarily have the same results in Mexico.

Shopping in a store in NY, where everyone is required to wear a mask properly, where merchants may be diligent about disinfecting surfaces, and where they are only allowing a small number of people in at once, where there is a higher percentage of testing and contact tracing, could produce quite different stats from going into a store in Mexico where half the employees and customers are wearing their mask under their nose, a thin little fabric mask that gapes all around, that they have wadded up and stuffed back in their pocket a hundred times, other people in the store paying zero attention to maintaining their distance, and shop owners not bothering to sterilize high touch surfaces.

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Curious about what is included in the category, Household/Social Gatherings.  ANY social gathering, or only those in one's home? 

It is the "gathering" that is the problem, not the location.

What's the difference in risk if Grandma's birthday party with 8 relatives is at her home, or at a local restaurant?  No one eats or drinks with a mask on, and a family birthday group is going to involve lots of animated conversations, laughs, etc. no matter where it's held. 

The social lives of many expats here revolve around gatherings at local eateries, and group dinner parties in people's homes.  To me, equally dangerous for spread.  

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Reading the text I think it covers pretty much any gathering that is social.

Pretty good indication IMO why these lockdowns here haven't worked  If there's anything Mexicans love and do often, it is gathering.  Plus you have the additional factor of a high number of multiple generation households with large families living in close proximity to each other.  One goes out, comes in contact with the virus, comes home and it is going to spread quickly.

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At face value the label is a tad misleading as it at first glance it looks like they are talking about households and associated gatherings therein.

Would like to know the location of social gatherings and the % infections attributed to those locations.

It's not just MXNs who like to gather.....lots of expats at plaza cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms, social clubs like LCS and the Legion. 

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