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Don’t know. A lady at the door asked what we wanted and when we said pay our bill she pointed at the outside Caja. We never got inside the building. Perhaps someone who has gotten inside can let us know. 

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6 hours ago, Dostortas said:

Thanks for the heads up.  Do you know if the office open to customers to go inside to speak to someone?  


7 hours ago, sm1mex said:

You cannot pay your Bill inside and the outside Caja will not take a 500 peso bill. 

Tuesday,  around 9AM I paid at the kiosk using a 500 peso note for a 389 peso bill, received cash and coin back. If the machine is low on cash it may not accept a 500 peso note.  I also had a problem and was allowed to go inside and speak with an employee. 

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Yes you can pay TelMex at TelCel. The TM office is open from 9-3. I was there this morning to file a report as the truck that hit the pole on Independencia Wednesday also took out phone lines. 1-5 business days to repair. No phone or internet since Wednesday 

There is a sign on the entry door listing where you can pay your bill.

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Machines take 500 pesos note, even if there is no change, instead of paying your exact amount put $500 pesos increments of credit towards your account, no change needed and less to pay next month and no change issues

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