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Brandy - National Drink of Mexico

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In the mid 1980's Brandy was by far the most popular spirits drink in Mexico. Sometimes mixed with a soft drink, such as Coca Cola. The Mexican brand of choice was Presidente. Which I believe is still the highest exported brandy in the world. With their advertising at the time, it was promoted as a classy drink, a great many people bought, or were gifted, brandy snifters.

Here is an archive article from the New York Times about the remarkable history behind this company. Open with their free Times Machine.


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Total Hype!

Paloma: The National Drink of Mexico

www.thedailybeast.com/ paloma-the-national-drink .

List of national drinks

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

23px-Flag_of_Mexico.svg.png Mexico: Tequila is a liquor distilled from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, of the central western Mexican state of Jalisco. In 2018, the Mexican government approved a proposal to celebrate every third Saturday of March as the National Tequila Day




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