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need info about a fumigation service

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We have been very happy with their services.

We had them treat for termites after the previous owner let the termites eat most of the door frames.

We had them treat for leaf cutter ants and while people warned they are impossible to get rid of,  Fu Mi Ga sent them packing. 

We had them out recently just because I wanted to make certain the black widows, scorpions, and carpenter ants wouldn't be a problem for a few months and I  was tired of dealing with my cranky sprayer.

 Highly recommend  them.

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Fumiga is very good.  Top quality work.  The owner, Rene Miranda, is officially licensed to handle chemicals and has extensive knowledge of all types of insects and critters.  A doctor of fumigation one could say.  You’ll be in good hands with them.  

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17 hours ago, Constance said:

Has anybody done business with this fumigation company? They will have access to my house for several hours while they fumigate my house. I wonder how safe that is?




Renee and his team have been servicing us for over 11 years. Excellent work, honest and trustworthy. Call Fun mi ga

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oregon chapala. the aunt will be back.. it is a continues battle, you may win one battle but at the end they are still there.. My neighbors had them fumigates and some time later they came back to eat all of my plany. We go out at night posin the nests and other entries pop up and you have to keep doint it..

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