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RIP Richard Tingen

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From La Pagina newspaper FB page, 



| Falleció Richard Tingen, fundador de “El Ojo del Lago”El editor Richard Tingen, fundador de la revista “El Ojo del Lago” y pionero en la administración y venta de bienes raíces en la ribera del Lago de Chapala, falleció ayer 3 de enero a los 77 años de edad. Tingen, originario de Canadá, vivía en #Chapala desde hace más de 40 años. En la primavera de 1976, Tingen y su esposa Cuca fundaron Chapala Realty, el cual comenzó con una modesta oficina en la Avenida Madero, frente a la plaza principal, siendo el inicio de un importante negocio. La empresa creció a un ritmo lento, pero constante. Como resultado de este progreso, la oficina se trasladó a un local más amplio de la Avenida Hidalgo. En 1983 fundó la revista “El Ojo del Lago”. Todo comenzó cuando su empresa de bienes raíces –ahora Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty- decidió imprimir un pequeño folleto para mostrar sus listados. Después varios negocios llamaron a su oficina queriendo anunciarse, ya que era la única revista en la ribera. La necesidad de mantener informados a los jubilados sobre eventos culturales y sociales se estaba convirtiendo en una necesidad, dio origen a la revista. El fallecimiento de Richard Tingen fue dado a conocer por su esposa Cuca a través de las redes sociales.

🔴 | Richard Tingen, founder of "El Ojo del Lago" passed away

The editor Richard Tingen, founder of the magazine "El Ojo del Lago" and a pioneer in the administration and sale of real estate on the shores of Lake Chapala, passed away yesterday, January 3, at the age of 77. Tingen, originally from Canada, lived in #Chapala for more than 40 years. In the spring of 1976, Tingen and his wife Cuca founded Chapala Realty, which began with a modest office on Avenida Madero, in front of the main square, being the start of an important business. The company grew at a slow but steady pace. As a result of this progress, the office moved to a larger location on Avenida Hidalgo. In 1983 he founded the magazine "El Ojo del Lago". It all started when his real estate company - now Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty - decided to print a small brochure to display his listings. Later several businesses called his office wanting to advertise, since it was the only magazine at lakeside. The need to keep retirees informed about cultural and social events was becoming a necessity, gave rise to the magazine. The death of Richard Tingen was made known by his wife Cuca through social networks.

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Deeply saddened to read this unexpected news about the loss of Richard Tingen.  Although I was just an acquaintance, I always found him to be kind, charming and charismatic.  I certainly do enjoy the monthly Ojo Del Lago which he created and have tremendous admiration and respect for him.  So very sorry for this loss, thinking of his family during this difficult time.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Tingen.

Val Jones

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