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Car registration 2021 - refrendo


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2021           $674.00








MONTO PARA LA CRUZ ROJA MEXICANA Y HOGAR CABAÑAS POR EL PAGO DE REFRENDO ANUAL DE PLACAS     VEHICULARES - ART. 23 FRACC. III ULTIMO PARRAFO LIE                                                                                                
$ 55.00  
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1 hour ago, sm1mex said:

Does the 674 include the 10% discount. 


Para vehículos (autos, camionetas, tractocamiones, etc,) el monto fijado es de $688pesos, más $55.00 pesos para apoyar a la Cruz Roja y a la Casa Hogar Cabañas. (Cruz roja $32.00 pesos y Hogar Cabañas $23.00 pesos)

Any discount will only apply to the $688    If you pay in January your net will be $674

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Last year, I had provided a lot of information, ( VISA, CURP, RFC, Map of Domilio, receipt of last years Tarjeta, and the actual Tarjeta de Circulcion).

However, most people have told me you only need to show your latest Tarjeta de Circulacion to obtain the new one.

Can anyone clarify exactly what documents are required to get the new Tarjeta ( including stickers and all)?

Thank you. 


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Just went today, a very long wait. Just took my old registration card, paid my money ($674.00) and got a new card, which is to be kept in the car, and a receipt.

No more stickers. If stopped, just show the card. 

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They are not issuing stickers anymore.  You get a double sided card which is valid for the next 4 years. Then, it can be renewed.  It can be used to pay online next year and the remaining years. You will still be able to pay at an office if you do not want to pay online.  Documents are provided which remain in your car.   I have been told that there is a photo of the new card on the other local web board. Office on Degollado opens at 830am. People start lining up around 7:30. I got there at 8:20 today and there were 13 people in front of me. 

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12 hours ago, mexijims1 said:

Everyone goes off topic talking about stickers and how long you stand in line.

So, is the answer to my question, from Mopsy, that you only need your old registration card ( ie Tarjeta de Circulacion)?

Thanks Mopsy.




you only need your old registration card

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Just looking at current Tarjeta de Circulacion for 2021.  Noticed that Ibarra correctly pointed out that the card is good for fours years on it .  However, I am sure that we will still need to pay an annual fee?

So, next month do we just show our current card at the office to pay (renew) for 2022?


Does anyone know what the fee will be for 2022 ( before discount applies) ?


Thanks for answers to my questions above!



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You need to pay your annual fee. You need to keep the receipt as proof that the registration is current. Keep all those receipts for 5 years. If you sell or total your car you will need them. 

To pay in the recaudadora all you need is the license plate number.  Online your vin and license number to see the amount


frequent questions



cost 711 pesos, During January there will be a 10% discount, in February and March, 5%. Taxpayers must cover as a “contribution” 61 additional pesos to the endorsement, of which 33 will go to the Red Cross and 28 to the Cabañas Home. Electric and hybrid vehicles will be exempt from this payment


Taxes in Jalisco
  Proposal 2022 Effective 2021 Increase

Vehicle endorsement

$ 711

$ 688 $23
I endorse motorcycles $ 285 $ 276 $ 9
Motorist license $ 792 $ 766 $ 26
Driver's license $ 893 $ 864 $ 29
Motorcycle license $ 455 $ 440 $ 15
Driver license renewal $ 664 $ 664 $ 22
Driver license renewal Chofer $ 792 $ 766 $ 26
Motorcycle license renewal $ 430 $ 416 $ 14
PVC Circulation Card $ 269 $ 260 $ 9
Annual subscription MiBici $ 443 $ 428 $ 15
Endowment and exchange of private plates $ 2,078 $ 2,010 $ 68


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