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Help - Condensed milk novice

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I don't make many desserts so not sure what the Mexican version of sweetened condensed milk is? There seems to be a lot of options/varieties of canned milk... And I'm finding that lots of recipes don't specify how MUCH c-milk but just say "a can." That's stupid - aren't there different sizes? I'm sure it would vary from country to country, so what size can are they talking about?  Would appreciate some clarification so I don't mess up my project... Thanks.

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Here I buy La Lechera.  In US, Eagle Brand.  Cans of La Lechera contain 387 grams.  Cans of Eagle Brand contain 14 US ozs.  

14 oz. condensed milk = 397 grams.  You don't need to adjust recipes calling for one can.  I use it for Key Lime pie. 




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On 1/1/2021 at 4:09 PM, Upfront said:

or you can just buy carnation at walmart

EDIT why the sad face habacht. something wrong with carnation?

Carnation is evaporated milk, not condensed milk. Not the same thing.

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