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A feel-good Mexican story to end a bad 2020...

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I have been doing business in traditional Mexican arts and crafts here for about 30 years. I have nothing but high praise for all the families, artisans and indigenous groups that we work with. We started with mostly replicas of pre-Columbian art and very early I found the Torres family in Chapala, first with the father Luis before he passed about 6 years ago and and then his sons Manuel and Luis who learned the art from his side from an early age. Anyway, this area of art, as in much more in this year of disaster, has suffered greatly. I had been talking to woman in Utah who ordered 6 large Maya figures and Manual spent weeks creating them. These had to be carefully packed in boxes and delivered to the trucking company in Tonala for the transport to cross the border into Laredo and then on to the client. When the pieces were ready to go to the Tonala warehouse we loaded our old Ford 150 pickup truck with the boxes, packing materials and most importantly a large roll (5' x 2') of bubble wrap (worth US$100+) to transport to Manuel to do the packing. Myself and my assistant Jesus took off with this and when we arrived at Manual's workshop in Chapala...no bubble wrap!!! The roll had been blown off the truck!!! Manuel said that he would improvise so we went back to the office and I saw the phone message blinking and it was a message about a found roll of bubble wrap!!! Amazing...how did they get our phone #? Well it turns out that the the roll blew off right in front of the fire station on the Libramiento!!! Now, how did they find our phone #? Well, the original plastic shrink wrap was still attached with a label from the manufacturer (U-Line) with our company name at the address of IShop in SAT where they had delivered, but with no phone #. So what did they do? They called IShop to see if they had a phone # for us and got the #, and then called with the good news! Sorry for the lengthy story but to me it represents the reality of our beautiful adopted country. ¡Viva las bomberas! Happy New Year!!!Lalo.thumb.JPG.827a196e25a2e785b6ad514a4781b6b5.JPG       


The late Luis Torrres.jpg

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