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43 minutes ago, artsnob said:

My gardner got bit by that bug his hand swelled up to twice its size, good thing he went to clinica the doctor said it could spread to whole body with in hours you could die, they are not too common here, l had fumitec spray my whole garden and green house to get rid if them. Nasty

No, you have it confused with something else. The bug pictured is harmless.


3 hours ago, Guiness said:

It looks like a kissing bug. Be careful, if it is, they bite both animals and humans. Nasty...

No, it doesn't look anything like a kissing bug. And the bite of a kissing bug isn't dangerous. It's their feces which carries a parasite which causes a disease called Chagas.

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9 hours ago, bmh said:

If it is the same , and it looks like it is , in Chiapas it is called tutsis in Tzeltal , it is a type of stink bug. If you touch it it stinks  but it is harmless.   Tsis in maya is to fart.. so it gives you an idea...

Good to know. A couple of days ago I had the same exact bug staring at me through our office window as I was on the computer!

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