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Dec. 13,2020 parade to protest the destruction of..


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...natural surroundings for more unsupportable development. Note these were mostly LOCAL Mexicans. 1 foto shows the people marching past my house on Hidalgo and the other is taken beside my house at the entrance to Calle Mr Crowe showing half the mountain above Lourdes gone. Except for a brief period the giant jackhammer has been operating from dawn to dusk 6 days/week for more than a year maybe 2 and at least as long as the wonderful[ahem] roads revisions on Hidalgo. The presidentes excuse for doing nothing was that Chapala has no jurisdiction in such environmental matters even when in Chapala Municipio. The people in this protest endeavour are not protesting anything else-believe it! 

destruction of mountain in upper lourdes.jpg

destruction of the environmen in the chapala hills parade.jpg

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1 hour ago, suegarn said:

I wouldn't want to be living in that apartment at the top of the mountain!   😧

That is not an apartment. It's 3 stories high very rich Mexican family's mansion as is the newer one to the right of it . The entire 2nd floor consists of a gym ,a theatre and a games room and that is not the top of the mountain but at the edge of Upper Lourdes. The main part of the mountain that's being destroyed is further west and probably why  the protesters decided to start their parade at the Monte Carlo.

lourdes mansion.jpg

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I think this is what the protest was about.

A link to one of lots: https://www.lakechapalarealty.mx/Chapala/Jalisco/Lots_and_Land/Riberas_del_Pilar/Agent/Listing_429651296.html

Its “Description:
Magnificent 35 lot development with spectacular views of Lake Chapala, and the surrounding mountains. Panoramic view from each lot! The lots are currently ready to build with electric and telephone wiring underground. Located on the foot hills Chapala in the area of Lourdes, Chapala. This development is quite unique in its design and location as there is nothing that comes close to it in quality or location for the area. Amenities are... Clubhouse and swimming pool with 24/7 security. Within walking distance of the Chapala boardwalk, Pharmacy, Oxxo, hardware store, restaurants and other essential services.”

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZLl0L2ziV4&feature=emb_imp_woyt

FireShot Capture 042 - Calle Niza 31 (Punto Niza), Chapala, Jalisco, For Sale by Diego Ochoa_ - www.lakechapalarealty.mx.png

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