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Guadalajara Toyota dealership service

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1 hour ago, Alfa said:

Yes, I had my 2001 Highlander serviced regularly by Dalton Motors on Lopez Mateos for nine years before I drove it back to Canada. I found their service well done and the people easy to deal with.

That’s funny Alfa. I have the same car. 
thanks for your input. 

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15 hours ago, Brian Dalziel said:

FYI, If you do not wish to drive to Guadalajara yourself, S&S auto will take your vehicle to the dealership for service and bring it back for a small fee.  

How do they handle payment to the dealer if a credit card is being used?


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29 minutes ago, Brian Dalziel said:

They pay the bill at the dealership themselves and you reimburse them when the vehicle is returned.  But S&S Auto only accepts cash pesos for this service.

Thanks for the great answer.  What does S&S charge for this service?


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If someone gets a speed ticket (by camera we presume) while driving your new vehicle for delivery to lakeside from Guadalajara, and do not tell you about it, you are still responsible for payment of the fine.  And if you do not know about it, it increases each month it goes unpaid.  This happened to us after buying a new vehicle in Guadalajara through a third party at lakeside, and we didn't know about the outstanding ticket.  Large fine as charges kept accruing until we went to renew the plates.  BEWARE.

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