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Bill come for most of us every two months. DAC (high rates, where you lose government subsidy) comes when you use more than 3000 KwH a year.  So keep your bill below 500KwH for two months and you will stay off DAC.  Example my old huge house no matter what I did could not use less than 600KwH per two month period my bill was 600 peso or so. After a year doing this the bill went to 3200 pesos or so.  I installed a solar panel system 1000 watts and my bill went down to 200 pesos and I actually saved enough money to pay for the array and a little profit when I sold the array to my landlord years later.

I hope this explains DAC to you.  Rumor is CFE is not putting people on DAC while the pandemic is going on.  I have no idea if this is true.   Anybody know?

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10 hours ago, elevator said:

What are the CFE rules or regulations regarding power level usage and what triggers a higher rate?

LCSCats covered it well, and here's a link from CFE.       PM or post back here with any questions.


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