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Appraisals of properties?

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2 hours ago, Upfront said:

because no matter how much you dislike it most of us think you are a little snork dork.

now try and stay on topic instread of rolling rthough every thread with your pent up anger. remember the topc? probably not: propety appraisal

“Most of us” don’t care about your feud with Happy (and numerous others). I read his stuff or don’t. Enjoy it or don’t. Agree with him or not. But, one thing I don’t do is constantly snark, snarl, snap, and spit at everything he posts. When you do, you exhibit how much power he has over you. 

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On 12/14/2020 at 7:15 PM, Upfront said:

that is a lovely untrained bit of psychobabbble. but i never start anything with him. i only respond to his lunacy

Have you ever considered not responding?

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