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Another gem in lower SAT...Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

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I had seen this new small place open a few months ago and decided to try it since it is in walking distance of my house. 2 weeks ago Sunday I went and was impressed with the look and offerings on the menu as well as the Special board as you see in the photos here. I ordered the top Special on the board and it was GREAT! This past Sunday I went back and ordered the shrimp soup and the ravioli w/nuts from the board...again amazing...and with 2 cervesas...$250 (+ generous tip). Easy to find from the carretara...go south on the street next to the Sunrise Restaurant almost to the dead end at Ramon Corona it is on the left. Open every day 1:30 pm - 10pm (closed Wednesday) Call 333-023-4897 for reservations. Somewhat rustic and small but very clean and with great service. Here are some photos of the restaurant and my meal. Suggest you give it a try!!!







Pizza Bread.jpg

Ravaloni with nuts.jpg

Shrimp soup.jpg

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It really looks delicious! And just to whine a bit..... I wish some of these restaurants would try to offer Sin Gluten pastas. If I can find pastas like Barilla at Walmart these restaurants should be able to find it too. I don't want to be Libre de Gluten, it's not a lifestyle choice it's because gluten rips up those of us with Celiac. I don't have it as bad as some but I'd love to eat out at an Italian Restaurants instead of always eating pasta at home, and as is often the case. pay a small premium for the service too.

I bet many restaurants would find there are more of us Sin Gluten customers than they realize!

Gracias! My whine is over!


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