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Chocolate tasting by Chocolat Axixic Nov 17, 2020 Tuesday 1 PM Maria Isabel Restaurant for Bingolago players

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Chocolat Axixic is a famous local artisan chocolate maker. you will taste several creations of the different ways chocolate is made. The professional packaging and presentation makes Chocolat Axixic stand out. Do not miss the event special for Bingolago players.

Tables are spaced out 6ft apart, most Bingolago players sit one or two people per table. We follow all Jalisco covid 9 rules.

chocolat axixic chocolate tasting Nov 17 2020 have hammer will travel  bingolago escuela de caprinteria riberas.jpg

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  1. Look. We eat with our eyes. Appearance is part of the initial pleasure and attraction of chocolate, but not itself a measure of quality. ...
  2. Smell. AROMA. As with wine, some of the first clues to flavor are in the nose. ...
  3. Snap It. TEXTURE. ...
  4. Savor the Melt. Mouthfeel is another word for texture. ...
  5. Taste. FLAVOR.
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