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No Feria this year but you can buy those spectacular alibrijes from the Fuentes family

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Sadly, no Feria this year.  However we are helping the Fuentes family of world class alibrije artisans sell their museum quality works of art here.  You pick the piece, they ship to our mailbox, we pick up, then you pick up from us.  You don't pay until you come for the piece, cash is accepted, we call them for credit card charges.

Some of you may remember them from the Feria as they are one of a few "resident" artists invited to show and sell every year.  They are also prominent at EnArt where they have won a number of first place awards.

You can see what is available and prices on their web site:


They also have a facebook page:


Here's a piece that won first prize at EnArt.  That's mother Reina and oldest daughter Fatima, who has also taken a first prize at Enart.



Fuentes alibrijes.jpg

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They are at the top of their game.  It can easily take two years to get the wood, carve it, cure it, finish it and then paint it.  We have a number of their pieces in our home, if you are interested in seeing any of them, PM me.



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Thank you Bisbee for the plug.. many artisans are really suffering this year. I  take care of Chiapas for the feria and I can tell you that many barely had money for food and nothing for medecine or extra, the situation has been terrible this year.  Right now some towns , villages and ranchos are under water because of the rain causd by the hurricane and 11 people in a Chamula village were burried alie, People of Aldama have lot the road to San Andres their only way ouut of town, many roads are blocked by mud and rock, it is a bad situation,. Chiapas is a staircase of barrages dumping verything in Tabasco and part of Tabasco s under waer as well .  any people are saying that at the end of 2020 we have to have a large party to say Thank you to God for being alive.. Personnaly, I cannot wait for a change in may areas..Hope it gets better, that is all I can say.

For those of you who do not want to go out for Christmas shopping , please look at the feria site, many family will thank you for your business, they are in great need..

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