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A friend of mine has a home in Vista Del Lago with about 450 m2 and solid concrete walls. He has four TVs and asked me to install the IPTV service I use on them. I did long ago and while he gets good service most of the time, he was plagued with buffering in the evenings. He got fiber optic service installed by Telmex but his problem persisted. He asked again for help and today I installed a mesh WiFi system from Amazon.


After installing the AP, I simply followed the instructions for an easy install. Now he gets four bars on all his android boxes with a WiFi speed of over 200 Mbps.

If you have a problem like his, the cost of 3,388 pesos and a half hour of time by anyone with a smart phone that can follow instructions would be well served trying a mesh WiFi. Remember that Amazon gives you 30 days to try with free returns.


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Agree. I installed a Mesh Wi-Fi router in my Texas house. We felt the difference right away. And we only bought a low end cheap one at US$100 from my US Walmart. I believe any brand/kind would work fine. Not sure about concrete walls though.

Mesh Wi-Fi router is a new kind of technology. Its price has been coming down. Highly recommend replacing one for your old router.

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