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Chapala Haciendas - Is Internet Available?

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No. We are so far out in the woods that we have to use fire and blankets.

Sry, but couldn't resist. Yes, there is internet here. Depending on where the house is located, you may find that it runs higher than most. The hotel on the carretera brought in higher speeds. Internet can be spotty, but that's true of lakeside. We use a Firestick and usually have no problems streaming TV, etc. So, if you like the house, don't worry. Internet is available.

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Smoke signals? Luxury. We have to use Tarahumara runners from Copper Canyon.

No, seriously, most downloads here are 10 g. Not too many teens here sucking bandwidth for tiktok. They always say ask your prospective neighbors, but that is difficult if your agent or owner has an AK 47 ordering you around. In case you don' t know, that is a good indication to avoid that rental or purchase. Coldwell Banker agents, of that type, are much more responsible using Glocks with full silencers, luckily few use these techniques today. I think?

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15 hours ago, Carnivore said:

Considering a house in lower Chapala Haciendas. Is Internet available?  Thanks.

Naming the street and cross streets might help. 

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Sorry for my somewhat incoherent post. Don't want Carnivore to think we are a bunch of crazy hillbillies up here.

We live on Pajero de Fuego on the lowest possible part, next to the Dra. Doolittle farm. We get a consistent 10 meg download, but there are infrequent interruptions. The lower cordinices is one street lower, past the farm. This is the secret backroad to Chapala and very mixed constructions (rich and poor). The backroad between the Frac and Chapala is very poor, and low cost rentals. Internet seems to follow new construction, and there is a development of 7 luxury houses, with a central pool, gate, and high wall. They will almost certainly be sold in the Guadalajara market.


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