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Pool solar installation

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Do your homework, if your installer does not calculate the proper gpm flow rate for the panels along with pump flow rates, then you will not have optimum results.  The manufacturers have recommended flow rates on their websites, but that is only part of the equation.  A pool cover is a must also.  Best of luck.

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Feel free to PM or email me, #1 rated Techno Solis panels @ the best pricing with 1st class installation and 10 year warranty.    Many happy clients / references all around the area both residential and commercial.

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Have Hammer Will Travel carpentry school, The board of directors interviewed 11 solar providers,

come by the shop in riberas and see the installation, we went form 3500 pesos per a month to $120 pesos a month.

we have 14 panels.


Our solar section team after two months of interviewing 11 companies chose Opiere solar, they had the best electrician, and experienced team, estimated the correct amount of panels and invertor to meet our needs and price was right.


Also if you  Have Hammer Will Travel carpentry school referred you , They will give our school a free solar panel to our school to meet our future needs.



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If you have solar electricity you can also consider installing an electric heat pump to warm the pool water. It takes a lot less space than pool panels and is always ready to warm up the water, even on days that aren't too sunny.

I installed a 120,000 BTU heat pump for a 20,000 gallon pool at the beach. It consumes about 8 kWh per hour. If you want the pool at 90 degrees during the winter months it's possible and once heated and covered, reheating the next day doesn't take long.

I do have excess solar electricity capacity so the heat pump is a way to keep CFE from taking credits away.

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I bought one through a little pool supply store in Guayabitos that has a major facility in Puerto Vallarta. You could check with Juan Pablo or Jurgen at Home Services at the pool store just east of Superlake. They could get prices for one coming from Guadalajara sized to your needs.

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