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7 hours ago, rafterbr said:

Maybe it was suggested they shut down.

OK, since some won't bother to read:

"The decision was made as in the best interest of BB.  

BB has come under attack in an unbelievable scenario, not a hack, but a person, a famous capo,  each of you would know his name and his story. 

He has filed a lawsuit with the federal court of the United States naming Borderland Beat as the defendant.

This is the first time in history that a capo of any magnitude, former or current,  has sued a blog, or for that matter any news site.  

It truly is mindboggling."

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He may have a case.... BUT it seems overly hypocritical that a man of El Chapo's character and history would/could sue anyone for anything. I guess one doesn't loose his rights just because he led the world's largest crime organization, killing scores and flooding the US with drugs. Go figure.



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Correction: This story has been changed to reflect that “John Doe” is in fact Armando Cornelio Valencia and not Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Both individuals had valid California driver’s licenses.


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