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Ok I have to send someone money.

I owe them $44,139.60 Pesos

It is coming out of my US account which is $2087.96 USD

So how much CAD $ do I owe this person.

I know a little Algebra.

I have my number just want to be sure. Thanks

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Hensley just think if you had $10usd and requested say Pesos or CAD, the amount of "foreign" money you would receive a number greater than "10"


Why are you saying ...I owe them XXXXX mexican pesos, Then you say I owe them XXXXX CAD????

Do you owe them  Pesos or CAD?

Regardless..... remember if this money is say coming out of say your Intercam account, then the ex rate will be different from checking the web page of say XE, that rate is usely the best rate for interchange between banks. 

If say your money is coming from a Bank of America account that could/will be different to what the Intercam rate is

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One thing you have to remember.  EACH USD you use to pay her in CAD is worth MORE in CAD because the CAD is only worth .73 or.74 cents compared to $1 USD.  So you send LESS dollars than the conversion from Pesos directly to Canadian, because your USD are worth more. 

Think of it this way:  If you had to pay her directly from pesos to USD, you would pay +/- the $2,088.  Period.  And that's what you will be doing from your point of view.  That she receives a higher "number" of dollars is only because it takes more CAD to equal your USD.  SO nobody "loses" in this.

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I have been using xe for yrs to transfer money converted to whatever peso's euro's to accounts all over: they remove the agreed money from my account at an agreed rate & transfer it any bank account in the world that has the standard international banking information (Swift numbers). Never a problem , repeats are extremely easy, money usually is deposited in 3/4 business days.

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