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  •   MUDLARKS POTTERY: Note this is a change in the class schedules beginning in November:  
  • LCS members are invited to join our new schedule of learning and independent working in our studio on the South Campus. Health safety is our concern so the number of participants is limited.   
  •  INTRODUCTION TO CERAMICS: Open to all, this course will cover basic hand building techniques of construction, glazing, and finishing.   
  • Meets Monday and Friday, 11am-1pm.   
  • Fee: Per calendar month: $500 MN, plus $500 MN for 12 pounds of clay.   
  • Registration for Introduction to Ceramics is limited to 6 participants before the 25th of the previous month.  
  •  OPEN STUDIO: Open to those who have completed one month of Introduction to Ceramics, this offers the chance to work independently.   
  • Meets Monday and Friday, 10am-2pm  
  • Fee: Per calendar month: $500 MN  
  • Clay may be purchased as needed, $500 MN for 12 pounds.   
  • Registration for Open Studios is any time.  
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