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Where to get Humera?

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  Our friend who is moving here wants to know if she can get the drug Humira here.  It is for a skin disorder.  We went to 2 pharmacies yesterday and they said maybe Guadalajara.  It is by injection and has to be on ice.  Just curious if anyone here uses it and where do they get it?  Next I will call a dermatologist.  Thank you for your help.

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That's the brand name. If you look up the actual name of the drug, it may be called something else in Mexico.

Your friend may very well really need this, but if it were me, I'd be very cautious about taking this drug while there's a COVID pandemic going on. There are major warnings about it seriously lowering the immune system and making users very susceptible to contracting infections and viruses.

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24 minutes ago, Upfront said:

i strongly feel people should stop giving out medical advice on a web bored.


As usual, your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired. I said I would be cautious about taking it, and was relating what I had just read on the drug manufacturer's own website about it. I didn't give out any medical advice.

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