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Rossy (Rosie) the Seamstress


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2 minutes ago, happyjillin said:

My wife went to her for alterations[pants and dresses] a few times. Finally gave up and will not go again.

Well, this is discouraging as I just brought her pant alterations.  Have you found someone better?  If so, would you mind sharing the information with me?

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23 hours ago, gringohombre said:


I took an olive green Chico's (women's brand) top, cotton and cotton lace because I snagged (not broke) part of the lace on the back shoulder when I backed into a nail during a volunteer event at LCS. I took it to Rossy and she said she didn't think she could match the thread. I returned from US, with thread in hand. Instead of fixing the part that needed to be mended, she used bright purple thread to restitch part of the front bottom...that didn't need repair. 

I then took a few beige towels to her that had started to fray along one seam. She restitched...in a different color...leaving the fray showing.

Took a bottom sheet to restitch the elastic. Again. stitched along the inside, not fixing the elastic.

In my defense, it was two trips, not three (the sheet and towels were one trip.) But the second trip was it for me.

Many people are pleased with her work; I was not one, unfortunately.

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1 minute ago, TelsZ4 said:

I think it might depend on how busy she is, overs the years I’ve taken several items to be altered, sometimes she does a good job but many times she doesn’t. I discovered a seamstress one street south of Rosie so I use her now, so far no complaints.

Is this other seamstress on Ocampo a couple of blocks east of Seis Esquinas?

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5 minutes ago, bmh said:

the other seamstress s on the south side of the street west of Rosue.. A couple of door before the next street. The husband is called Jose Luis and is also known as the cuate.


I think that’s the place.. The door is black or at least it was 6 months ago.  
she doesn’t have a store front like Rosie.

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