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Welcome to this week’s Tech Talk Newsletter. Please share all this information with your friends. ALL classes and help are FREE and open to everyone. If you do not want to receive these emails just reply to this email and ask to be removed. If you have any questions about anything in this newsletter please email me at LCS.TECH.TRAINING@GMAIL.COM

Hot Topics

  • Survey - I have created a short survey to try to better these classes. If you want these classes to continue, it is very important that you fill out the survey. You need to click on this link to take the survey. https://forms.gle/ihvrw9KfRB9PRCqSA 

  • VPN - I've been getting a lot of questions about vpns lately. I have mixed feelings about VPNs but they do have their uses. Here in the Lakeside area VPNs can cause your connections to slow down and to be less stable, meaning they drop sometimes. This is generally not the case if you're north of the border. Sometimes you need to go to a site to fill out a form or do other business and they won't work if you're International. In this case a VPN is very useful. The VPN allows you to tell the site that you're actually somewhere that you're not like, north of the border. A number of the streaming services won't work while you're not north of the Border.  VPNs can sometimes help with this and sometimes they can't. If you're going to try to use a VPN to get around the streaming restrictions I would highly recommend you only try that with the high-speed fiber connections that are available here in Lakeside. That means iLox and Telmex fibre. This week I had someone tell me that they were having problems hosting Zoom sessions over their Telmex DSL line. This is the type of internet connection that most of us have here in Lakeside. As anyone knows who attends my Zoom sessions It is common for me to have problems with my video and occasionally in my audio. this is because the upload speeds of Telmex are not very stable. This person was told that if he used a VPN that that would improve. I told him it's very unlikely but he could try one out and see what happened. As I stated, our issues here are instability and upload speeds. A VPN can only work with what you already have, So using a VPN to try to get around this probably will not work. If you really want to use a VPN I highly recommend ExpressVPN. They have the most luck with fooling streaming services and their email based Technical Support is excellent. Very few services in general can boast that they have good technical support so give these guys a try if you really want or need to use a VPN. 

  • Cell Phones in Mexico - Normally this is the time of year when we start getting new friends here in Lakeside. But with all this Covid stuff I have no idea if/when that will happen. Usually I would be doing a Cell Phones in Mexico class for those new people but since I don’t know how many newbies there are. I don’t want to bore the class attendees who don’t need this information. So I am asking you to pass along my email address to any new people that need cell phone information and ask them to reach out to me and I will provide that training individually. 

  • Physical Tech Support Help Desk – Thursdays from Noon to 3pm at the American Legion in Chapala. I can help with most tech issues. 

  • Tech Help via Email (This service is intended for full and part time residents of Lakeside) – Do you need any type of Tech Help? Many issues can be solved remotely. If you have questions or need any kind of Tech Help, please email Mike Goss at LCS.TECH.TRAINING@GMAIL.COM   PLEASE create a new email to request help. Most of you are simply replying to this email which is very confusing to me and will likely DELAY any help. If you need Apple Tech Help, please email Britt Blaser at britt.blaser@gmail.com  ALL help is FREE! Please share this information with your friends. If you need Cell Phone help, please include the Manufacturer and Model in your initial request.


Upcoming Classes - You MUST send an email to LCS.TECH.TRAINING@GMAIL.COM to register for the classes. Attending a class in the PAST does not register you for upcoming classes. Once you send me an email requesting to register for a class or a list of classes, I will then send you an email confirming your registration into the class(es). This is the only way to attend the class. You must register by 8pm the day before the class. If you register for a class AND you don’t receive the Zoom link by early morning, the day of the class, PLEASE email me immediately. If you haven’t emailed me by 9AM the morning of the class, I will not be able to send you the link. 

  • Thursday, October 15 @ 10am - Installing USTVGO on a Firestick - USTVGO is a very reliable method of streaming English TV. It is FREE and can be run on many devices. This class will show some basics of using USTVGO and will cover the steps to install on an Amazon Firestick. 

  • Thursday, October 22 @ 10am - Downloading E-Books - This class will demonstrate some methods of downloading - Books to your Handheld device (Android or Apple). Several sources will be shown/discussed. All of the sites are for FREE books. Some of these have very current books as well as a vast collection of reference books like cookbooks.


  • Thursday, October 29 @ 10am - Voice Dictation on your Computer or Handheld - Do you want to write your memoirs but can’t type on your little bitty keyboard or like me can barely type on anything? Come learn how to simply talk to your device and it does the rest.  


Last Week’s Classes - If you couldn’t attend the class, you can still request the handouts. Just email me at lcs.tech.training@gmail.com and specify which class you want and I will be happy to send it to you.

  • Thursday, October 8 @ 10am - HOT Topics - There are many topics that are too small to cover as a separate class so I will be covering 5 short topics. Those topics are:

    • New email security concerns

    • Two Factor Authorization (2FA)

    • Task Swapping on your iPhone/iPad/Android

    • Text Copy and Paste your iPhone/iPad/Android

    • New FREE TV Streaming Option


Past Classes - I have presented the following list of classes so far this year.  If you would like to see any of these repeated or have ideas for new classes, please email me. Presentation notes are intended to supplement a lecture, they are not a replacement. Reading presentation handouts that you did not attend is a poor way to get training. If there is a topic listed that you want me to present again please email me.


  1. Apple Q&A

  2. Buying a Android phone

  3. Cell Phone Cameras

  4. Cell Phones in Mexico

  5. Chromebooks

  6. Discussion - General Q&A

  7. Encrypted Google Drive and other Cloud Files

  8. General Q&A

  9. GMAIL

  10. Google Apps

  11. Google Docs - Word Processing

  12. Google Drive

  13. Google Drive Part 2

  14. Google Photos

  15. Google Photos Advanced

  16. Hosting Zoom Meetings

  17. iCloud to Google Photos

  18. Introduction to Facebook

  19. iPhones VS Android Phones

  20. Is My Device Backed Up

  21. Keeping in Touch with Family/Friends

  22. Online Reading Options

  23. Passwords

  24. Podcasts

  25. Review Tuesday

  26. Should I Upgrade to Windows 10

  27. Streaming in Lakeside (Live TV)

  28. Streaming in Lakeside (Movies and TV Shows)

  29. Streaming TV - What do I use?

  30. Tech Security

  31. Streaming TV with TUBI/Acorn

  32. Using Google Translate

  33. Using Zoom

  34. YouTube is Your Friend


Thanks for reading,

Michael Goss

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