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Robberies at Walmart


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I talked to Ajijic Delegado, Juan Ramon Flores and he promised to talk to the delegado of San Antonio re the robberies. He also agreed to deliver a petition to the Powers that be in Chapala regarding this, as many of the robbed are from Ajijic. 

My petition on Change.org re handicapped parking in Ajijic has 5950 signatures and hopefully will be submitted to Municipal Transito Friday.

You too could easily create a petition re the robberies for submission by Juan Ramon!


Petition signers do NOT have to be from Ajijic. Anyone concerned about the robberies can sign and yes they pay attention to petitions and especially when delivered by one of their own!




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There have been some mustard bandit and purse snatchings.  My wife goes in there only with what she needs in a fanny pack worn in front.  These are hard times in Mexico, one needs to be more vigilant and make it extremely hard for someone to get something from you.  All you really need is one form of ID and some cash, or one CC if you are using that.  Leave everything else at home.

You do NOT need to carry an immigration card for some local shopping.  I don't know a single person in the 12 years we've been here that got check for this when in a local store.  Leave it at home!

This business is happening NOB too.  To WalMart's credit in one recent local incident the thieves tried to use a stolen CC and were turned down.  They then went to Paz and there was no checking and they succeeded in charging a couple hundred dollars.  Paz needs to be reminded to check photo ID with CC before accepting.

Follow the same precautions you would when traveling somewhere where pick pockets are a known problem.

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